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VIDEO: "Grasslands beef certification in Argentina" by Gustavo Marino

I Conference on medicine and conservation of wildlife and unconventional company animals

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What is the project's conceptual basis?
If you are interested in the conceptual basis, main components, general structure and team of specialists of the project 'Grasslands and Savannas of the Southern Cone of South America: Initiatives for their conservation' view the documents below:
Project presentation folder (spanish)
'Grasslands and Savannas of the Southern Cone of South America:initiatives for their conservation' (english)
What background publications and guidelines do you suggest for a deeper understanding of this proposal?
We recommend further reading on the subject and suggest among other literature published in this section, the 'Guía de Buenas Prácticas Ganaderas para conservar la vida silvestre de las pampas' (Guide to Best Cattle Practices for the Conservation of Wildlife on the Pampas), which provides a detail of the advances at Samborombón Bay pilot site, Province of Buenos Aires.
Buenas prácticas ganaderas para conservar la vida silvestre de las pampas & ANNEX Aves Argentinas & Fundación Vida Silvestre Argentina - Alliance for the Grasslands. A guide to enhance production and conserve biodiversity in the grasslands of Samborombón Bay and the Basin of the Río Salado. By Gustavo D. Marino, Fernando Miñarro and Guillermo Stamatti (2009).107 pp
Monograph 'Aportes al conocimiento de la ecología del Charlatán y su estado actual en la provincia de Santa Fe'. Aves Argentinas, within the context of the Alliance for the Grasslands, and with the support of Birdlife International, the Charity Foundation AAGE V.Jensen, the Sociedad Española de Ornitología SEO/Birdlife and the El Faro Project, are pleased to present a new issue of their series of monographs. Bernabé López Lanús (Ornithologist) and Gustavo D.Marino (Agronomist) (2011).57 pp

20 high priority areas for the conservation for the neartic migratory birds.

English Version

Original title: 20 priority areas for the conservation of neartic migratory birds in the southern cone grasslands of South America. Alliance for the Grasslands Adrián Di Giacomo and Aníbal Parera. Editor Guillermo Stamatti (2007). 54 pp
Certification of Grassland Beef in Uruguay (3 phases) Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 (spanish) The certification of beef as an instrument to promote management practices for the conservation of natural grasslands and biodiversity. Phase 1 to 3 Report Carolina Jiménez Aráchaga Aves Uruguay and Wetlands International (2006) All three phases:146 pp
Can I view presentations of specialized workshops even if I did not attend?

Of course! By disseminating the information gathered under this initiative, we all become part of the process which aims to secure benefits for all.



1) Presentation by Agronomist Gustavo Marino (Coordinator of the Aves Argentinas Grassland Program) and Lic. Fernando Miñarro (Coordinator of the FVSA Grassland Program) (Spanish)

2) Importancia del pastizal natural en Argentina. By Lic. Ignacio Iriarte, Informe Ganadero Magazine. (Spanish)

3) Pastizales del Cono Sur. By Aníbal Parera, General Coordinator of the Alliance for the Grasslands. (Spanish)

4) Estrategia de Valorización y Sello carne de pastizal. By Med.Vet. Máximo Marani. (Spanish)

5) Agregación de valor a las carnes de pastizal. By Víctor Tonelli. (Spanish)

Seminar ' Grassland`s Beef: An Option for Sustainable Livestock Production'

During the IX International Rangeland Congress held in Rosario, Aves Argentinas and Fundación Vida Silvestre Argentina staged the Grassland`s Beef: An Option for Sustainable Livestock Production Seminar, in which the advances of the program for the certification of beef produced using practices that encourage the conservation of natural grasslands and their biodiversity. The seminar was attended by 130 participants and followed live on the Internet by another 200. Practioners from the production and marketing chain were present at the gathering.



'Hacia una ganadería sustentable de pastizal' (pdf).(Spanish)

Video See June 23th section- (spanish)

The environment expects a proactive response from livestock producers - 26 June 2011

Fernando Miñarro, of Fundación Vida Silvestre Argentina, Aníbal Pordomingo, INTA researcher and Esteban Jobbágy, CONICET researcher, agreed to assess the production and environmental challenges facing the next decade. At the end of the talk they agreed that there is no reason why the cattle process should be contrary to environmental sustainability. Panel Action Lines for 2020: How to Solve the Challenges.



What has the media said about the project?

The project formally started in November 2010. The following articles have been published in digital and paper press:
Infocampo- Telefe
Interview with Gustavo D.Marino - Infocampo- 11 de julio de 2011(spanish)
La Nació (newspaper)
¿Carne ecológica para salvar a las especies en extinción? (spanish)
On Grassland`s Beef Seminar (publications in sites and newspapers) (spanish) Diario digital de corrientes (spanish) (spanish) (spanish)

El Litoral Newspaper
( Santa Fe Province)

Article: 'Vacas y pajaros levantan vuelo.' , January 8th, 2011(spanish)

Article 'Una opción para la ganadería sustentable' April 16h, 2011 (spanish)

Can I view brochures and videos related to the project?
Not only you can view them, you can also download them by clicking on the item below:

Las Marías -Aves Argentinas 2011 Calendar

Thanks to the commitment of the Las Marías Group and the generosity of photographer Ramón Moller Jensen at end-2010 this outstanding 2011 calendar was made.
2011 FVSA Calendar 2011 Calendar - Fundación Vida Silvestre Argentina.
Susteinable Grassland livestock Brochure (spanish) Quality production, preservation of the environment and benefits for all: Cattle ranching. Four suggestions for cattle ranchers.
Youtube Aves Argentinas Channel- Related Videos (spanish) Videos : 1) Case of Samborombón Bay Site 2) Interview with Joaquín Casillo, Coordinator of Gualeguaychú Pilot Site at INTA Expone 2011 3) Inteview with Gustavo Marino, Infocampo, Telefe.
General Information
Steppingstones is a newsletter of the US Department of Defense Partners in Flight Program on migratory birds and the US military natural reserves network. Two key players who took action after the massive death of Swainson's Hawks in the Argentine Pampas were interviewed: María Elena Zaccagnini (INTA-Alliance for the Grasslands) and Santiago Krapovickas (formerly of Aves Argentinas), who provided a retrospective reflection on the events.